10 Dreamy Things to Do in Sintra, Portugal

Visiting Sintra feels like crossing over into another world. The Sintra is one place to give you all the sort-after sceneries that resonate with royalty, given the palaces, there are in the place. It is one of the place in the world where there are a lot of castles to visit, and for once, can allow you to actualize your dream of being a prince or a princess. There are many exquisite properties to win you over, and a fairytale awaiting you to experience. Here are some dreamy things you can do in Sintra, Portugal:

Experience the Mystery of the Quinta Da Regaleira

Quinta Da Regaleira

The Quinta da Regaleira is a romantic palace that has a thrilling and fascinating system of tunnels and caves underground. The wealth in this place reflects the Masons, Knights Templar, and Divination fascination, thanks to the small monument thereof.

Enjoy Some Water Sports at Sintra’s Beaches

beach at sintra

Sintra’s coast is a very popular place for both locals and tourists to enjoy water sports like surfing and para-gliding. Ideally, there are several places from which to see the ocean along the coastline of Sintra. Take your time and explore the different beaches, as you take a dip in the water.

Explore Pena Palace

Pena Palace

This palace is one of the most beautiful places to be at. It is in fact named as one of Portugal’s “Seven Wonders.” Spend time inside for the fascinating historical artefacts, but also outside, for the Ferdinand II planted trees are from all around the world.

Hike Around the Castle of the Moors

Castle of the Moors

The Castle of the Moors offers you more royalty, as the sight of the ruins of a mighty castle. It is found at one of the Sintra’s northernmost peaks, with walls that have four square towers and a snake with the contours of the mountain at the top.

Spend a Luxurious Night at the Seteais Palace

Seteais Palace

Enjoy the royalty experience by spending a night at the Seteais palace, which is a five-star luxury hotel that offers elegant rooms, elaborately decorated suites, excellent dining restaurant, and other high-end services to leave you feeling all royal.

Eat at Casa Piriquita



Before you consider leaving Portugal, be sure to try out a few sweets at the Casa Piriquita pastry shop, like the Travesseiro. Other than that, consider taste-testing the Sardines which are great salty snacks that are offered in most stores in Sintra.

Rent a Small Vehicle or Bike

Bike on rent

Since you are up for the whole experience, there are some cute small vehicles you can hire for your transportation. While the public bus can get you to most of the site, you do not need to stand too long in a queue once you rent a bike or small vehicles, which are also inexpensive.

Try to Not Fall Down a Well

Well Sintra

Get some thrill as you try to wind your way down the staircase to the bottom of the well in the grounds of Quinta da Regaleira, as you explore the caves that are within as you wander through.

Enjoy Ornate Architecture at the Monserrate Palace

monserrate palace

The Monserrate Palace was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the 1990s. After walking from one palace to another, this is the perfect place to take a rest as you enjoy the beautiful architecture of this palace. It features a highlight of gothic arches in unusual light colours, with delightful hallways inside that are very ornately decorated. 

Stop at Cabo Da Roca

Cabo Da Roca

You cannot leave Portugal without taking a picture at the Cabo da Roca. This happens to be the westernmost point of Europe. Enjoy the scenes of the cliffs and a charming 18th-century lighthouse, from which you have numerous photo opportunities.