16 of the Best Things to do in St. John’s Newfoundland


Whether you are there on a generous budget or very broke, there should never be a dull moment in St. John’s, Newfoundland. This place comes with scenic sites along the Atlantic Coast in North America, along with very warm and hospitable locals. Even so, you will still need some ideas to keep up with at Newfoundland. Fortunately, there is a countdown of 16 of the best things you can do while in St. John’s, Newfoundland:

Visit Cape Spear

This easterly point in Canada is a place you can see the views out over the ocean. Take your time to get a view of the two lighthouses and learn about the amazing history the site holds.

Eat a Touton

If it is your first time to Canada, you have probably not had the Canadian pancake that is not common in other areas of Canada. 

Taste Port at Newman Wine Vaults

Outside of Portugal, St. John’s happens to be the only place you will find aged port wine. 

Visit Quidi Vidi

Quidi Vidi

Take some time for a 5-minute drive away from the city to visit Quidi Vidi. Get to enjoy iceberg beer for the first time at the Quidi Vidi brewery, along with the stunning views with colourful buildings lining the water.

Go hiking


St. John’s has an East Coast Trail that stretches up to 300 km, making the perfect hiking spot for travellers.

Visit Fort Amherst

Fort Amherst

The best place to sharpen your photography skills is at Fort Amherst. There are great sceneries, including the famous Battery.

Tour the Signal Hill

Signal Hill

If you are more adventurous than most people, you can hike right from the city centre to the top of Signal Hill. However, some travellers often take a ride to the top.

Go to the Ocean Science Centre

Ocean Science Center

Visiting the cute seals in the Ocean Sciences Centre is free, so why miss out on this great experience?

Enjoy the music

The Ship Pub has great folk music every Wednesday night. You can also try the live music at Jumping Bean that happens every Friday night.

Jellybean Row

 Houses Gower Street

At the Jellybean Row, you will enjoy multiple experiences, with a mix of some streets where colourful houses line the streets.

Catch Some Icebergs

Iceberg Newfoundland

St. John’s is a capital city that is along the famous Iceberg Alley. Catch a great view of the Icebergs by a boat tour, watch them from land, or dare to try by kayak.

Rouse your taste buds at Yellow Belly Brewery & Public House

Yellow Belly Brewery

Get a chance to taste-test the best local beers at the Yellow Belly Brewery and Public House, among other places that offer craft beers.

Take a Haunted Tour

Haunted Hike

Visit the streets in St. John’s where duels, hangings, and murders happened in the past.

Go to the Anglican Cathedral

Anglican Cathedral Newfoundland

The Anglican at St. John is remarkable as a national historic site and the oldest Anglican church in the whole of Canada.

Slide down the Pippy Park Hill

Pippy Park Golf

If you are travelling, you might as well have the most fun on the crazy carpets and experience the need for speed.

Lace-up for The Works

Spend around $2 to stretch your ligaments by running the indoor track.