Things You Must Know About The Camel Ride In Africa

You may not consider travelling to Sahara desert as so much of an adventure because, it is a hot, dry place. However, deciding to tour the Sahara in Morocco can end up giving you one of the most iconic adventures in your life. The dunes are in themselves amazing to experience, but really, the adventure happens when you ride a camel. If you have never been to the Sahara desert or ridden a camel before, there are some things you must know about the whole experience. 

Amazing Views

If you are looking for picture-perfect moments in the Sahara desert, by all means, a camel is the must. Because of their heights, camels provide you with such a great view. This is especially true for the dawn when you get on top of a dune and watch as the sun rises, and its rays hit the tallest dunes there are. Ideally, the evenings have a perfect view as well, as the sunsets. You truly will appreciate the beauty of the Sahara desert as you are sited on a camel gazing at the sand changing colours and the shadows changes as the sun rays hit the dunes.

Other times, some travellers may opt-out of a camel ride preferring dirt bikes and 4WD. However, if you want to truly soak in your surroundings and capture all the amazing views, riding a camel is the best shot you have got.

Bruising From Too Many Rides

The experience of riding a camel through the Sahara desert in Morocco is an unmatched experience. However, there will be moments you need a break. Given that the camel riding does not come with foot stirrups do not expect the experience to be anything like horse riding. After travelling for quite a distance when riding on a camel, it is very likely that you will feel bruised and battered after a couple of rides. At this, consider some time off for taking pictures, grabbing a bite, stargazing in the night, among other things you could do at your campsite.

Following a Guide

When riding a camel in this part of Morocco, you can rest assured that you will not lose sight of direction. Ideally, before you mount on your camel, the camels are tied together in a rope. This way, they follow a line right behind the tour guide. However, before you set off to the sand dunes, be observant that your camel is fastened correctly with the rest. It is indeed possible for the camels to untie the knot with his teeth, which can render you stranded alone in the desert.

Better Mileage

The Sahara desert is a huge place to trek. If you were to do it on your feet, it would get tremendously uncomfortable. Since the goal is to cover a lot of ground as quickly as possible before it gets too hot to ride, you need a camel.

Smells From Camels

You should not expect perfection when you are with animals. Camels are not like your typical house pet. In the period of desert trekking, you have to deal with the smell, especially from the camels farting.