Budget Travel Tips to Southeast Asia

budget travel tips

As you plan for your trip to Southeast Asia, you may find it hectic and daunting because of the many options you have to pick from. You may be undecided about; where you can find affordable and comfortable accommodation, where you can find authentic local cuisines, what activities you intend to take part in, and what routes to travel on your backpacking trip to Southeast Asia. Here are some few budget travel tips, on how you can maximize your travel experience to the Southeast of Asia.

Dine on Street Food

We cannot find southeast Asian food or delicacies in fancy restaurants. In fact, the streets of night markets, hawker centres, and even roadside cafe’s which have the best Southeast Asia food that you can think of. Street food is a great way to enjoy the region’s culture, apart from it saving you a good dime. With just a dollar, you can enjoy wholesome cuisines and meals ranging from the Tom Yum soup and even a laksa dish. You may have your reservations about eating food sold along the streets, but here, this is a great experience, and you will go back for some more fresh Southeast Asian delicacies.

Accommodate in Hostels

This is one of the best and most important tips for you as you go backpacking to this region. As a backpacker, you are bound to spend most of your time outdoors discovering the hidden gems of Southeast Asia. Therefore, you needn’t spend a steep amount of accommodation at fancy hotels, because you cannot enjoy the facilities to the fullest. It is advisable to stay in a hostel. Check online for hostels with great reviews, and that is both safe, and a grand bargain. There are many such budget-friendly hostels in this region. At the hostels, you can also interact with fellow backpackers and learn a lot from them.

Walk to Your Destinations

A mistake that most backpackers do when they travel to other countries is taking buses and taxis to destinations which are just a walking distance away. A great budget travel tip is to walk to your destination. This is especially so in places like the urban jungles, where cities are usually in very close proximity. Use data roaming to navigate your way around, and this way you get to experience the region’s culture and also save money. Walking also saves on time, because of the traffic jams usually experienced in urban areas.

Find Free Things to Do

You may be surprised to know that you can fully experience the rich, diverse culture of countries in Southeast Asia without spending a single coin. Look around for free attractions to save a coin. You could visit to see crab monument Thailand, visit historical monuments such as the Mahamuni Buddha Temple in Burma and many more such places that represent the people’s heritage. Some places even have free guides who take you through the free attractions.

These tips will go a long way, in helping you get the best experience out of your backpacking trip to Southeast Asia.